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Teresa Fleming
Punch List
Created 30 Mar 2022
  1. Support agroecology by buying directly from farmers and ranchers who practice regenerative agriculture or from retailers who support them.
  2. Grow a forest garden or food forest at home. Grow a bed garden
  3. witch to a bank that doesn’t invest in fossil fuel extraction and infrastructure. Each time you make a purchase using a credit card from a polluting bank, you are pulling out a card that is destroying our future.
  4. Participate in ecotourism and travel to Boreal forest destinations
  5. Purchase toilet paper made from recycled content. Use reusable cloth instead of paper towels. Reduce paper mail, bags, and boxes.
  6. Buy less clothing and wear same items more often. Do less laundry, less often. Buy second-hand clothing. Learn to repair or upcycle clothing. If you must buy new, buy natural fiber clothing.
  7. Support local businesses.

A punch list can be for an individual, family, community, company, or city.  It is the list of the actions you or a group will undertake and accomplish over a predetermined span of time—one month, one year, five years, or more. You can make different lists for different time periods—this week and this year for example.

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