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The Waggle


A weekly offering of compelling and inspiring stories about the regeneration and restoration of life on Earth, solutions to the climate crisis curated and authored by writers and researchers at Project Regeneration. Our newsletter is named for the waggle dance, what honeybee scouts do to show the hive where to find the nectar. 

News Stories

The Waggle – Issue 61

 |  By Project Regeneration

In this issue

  • Roots & Shoots opens an Indigenous-led office in the Amazon Courtney White
  • The transformational power of local food policies Claire Krummenacher
  • Peace and conflict on the COP agenda for the first time George Biesmans
  • Virtual Power Plants gain momentum in decentralizing energy grid Scott Hannan
  • Runway to Jet Zero Juliana Birnbaum

The Waggle – Issue 60

 |  By Project Regeneration

In this issue

  • Dominica launches the first marine reserve for sperm whales Rachel Martin
  • Caribbean island rewilding project is a rapid success Scott Hannan
  • Collaborative stewardship guides eco-cultural healing in Canada Anna Steltenkamp
  • AI, Salmon Fisheries, and First Nations in British Columbia Benjamin Felser
  • Blue carbon is a regenerative climate solution Courtney White
  • The United States’ first hydrogen-powered ferry Claire Krummenacher
  • Earthshot supports Andean and urban forests Amy Boyer
  • Growing crops in Africa with solar pumps Jonathan Hawken
  • Portugal gives a glimpse into a clean energy future Juliana Birnbaum
  • An enormous floating solar farm comes online in Indonesia Tim Treuer

The Waggle – Issue 59

 |  By Project Regeneration

In this issue

  • Peat bog restoration for biodiversity and carbon sequestration Scott Hanna
  • The First Indigenous Marine Stewardship Area in the U.S. Benjamin Felser
  • The innovators at the forefront of reimagined air conditioning Claire Krummenacher
  • Rewilding Indonesian palm oil plantations Juliana Birnbaum
  • Smart technology is helping farmers and land managers regenerate the world Courtney White