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emanuela vanda
Punch List
Created 07 Apr 2022
  1. Recharging all my creativity and my wide vision to keep developing my Frignano4reGENERATION project dedicated to young people and make it spread all around us... like dandelion seeds!
  2. Put my best effort in helping people reconnect with nature, either while I am accompaning peolpe in the woods as guide , or when i am guiding pople in my regenerative farm and help them reconnect with food and all our natural friends, from frogs to fungi, from wild bees to wolves. Reconnecting with nature helps to reconnect to our humanity also and to care for each other and the Planet
  3. Engage all the children I have the lucky chance to work with, in my projects, in the curios natural wander world! never stop enjoying it ! do not let the bad people step on my enthusiasm!! Do not forget biomimicry: learn from the Nautilus!
  4. Increase the variety of different food plants I grow in my little farm, keep up with regenerative method and enjoy more and more the rewarding experience of seeing the wonder food growing under my eyes! ...and share!!!
  5. Keep being thoughtful about my transport choices , routes, staking and multi-purposing my kilometres.
  6. Keep becoming more and more responsible about protecting, saving and reusing our precious water. in addition, try to reduce to zero my gas consumption, switching everything I can to take advantage of the clean energy of my photovoltaic panels.
  7. Keep being vegetarian and keep nicely and gently showing to friends that you can survive strong and healthy and enjoy nice and flavourful meals, being one!
  8. keep also doing all the little things, like always carrying with me my knife, fork and coffee cup: every little thing counts especially to raise awareness in other people!

A punch list can be for an individual, family, community, company, or city.  It is the list of the actions you or a group will undertake and accomplish over a predetermined span of time—one month, one year, five years, or more. You can make different lists for different time periods—this week and this year for example.

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