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Make a Punch List

A punch list is a personal, group, or institutional checklist of actions that you can, want to, and will do.

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Elisabeth S
Punch List
Created 09 Nov 2021
  1. Walk whenever possible, carpool or use public transportation when not.
  2. Repair everything. Replacement the absolute last resort.
  3. Buy locally/small business and from B Corporations whenever possible.
  4. Study solar panel feasibility for our HOA and present proposal no later than 6/30/2022
  5. Write to one retailer a month to request less and biodegradable packaging and to promote re-use of packaging.
  6. Radically go paperless while not overusing cloud storage (a huge energy waste).

A punch list can be for an individual, family, community, company, or city.  It is the list of the actions you or a group will undertake and accomplish over a predetermined span of time—one month, one year, five years, or more. You can make different lists for different time periods—this week and this year for example.

Make a Punch List

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