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Ending the climate crisis means creating a society that is going in the right direction at the right speed by 2030, a rate of change that will lead to zero net emissions before 2050. That means halving emissions by 2030 and then halving again by 2040. Regeneration starts now.

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Regeneration means putting life at the center of every action and decision. It’s an inclusive and effective strategy to end the climate crisis in one generation.

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A punch list is a personal, group, or institutional checklist of actions that you can, want to, and will do.

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Chad Upham
Punch List
Created 08 Sep 2021
  1. Avoid air travel by taking bus, train, or carpool wherever possible. Purchase 2x offsets (onsets) for any flights.
  2. Enjoy a plant-rich diet by prioritizing vegetarian food options and limiting consumption of responsibly raised fish and poultry to 2 days per week, and other meats to 1 time per month.
  3. Continue a car-free lifestyle using transit, walking, biking, and scooters for all local and last-mile trips.
  4. Minimize electricity consumption in my home by using windows and shades for natural ventilation and cooling. Turn off large power consumers like TVs, monitors, and appliances when not in use.
  5. Be a zero waste champion partnering with Recology, a local waste and recycling service provider, to advocate for proper waste reduction, composting, and recycling practices in my building and in my city.
  6. Continue composting any food waste and making purchasing decisions to minimize and eliminate packaging.
  7. Use my skills as a communications designer to support projects and initiatives locally and globally to inform and inspire others to be engaged in regeneration.

A punch list can be for an individual, family, community, company, or city.  It is the list of the actions you or a group will undertake and accomplish over a predetermined span of time—one month, one year, five years, or more. You can make different lists for different time periods—this week and this year for example.

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