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Punch List
Created 14 Dec 2023
  1. To reduce E-Waste from my family, I took it upon myself to collect old electronics from friends and family and repair and/or properly recycle them
  2. Me and my family often use disposable products like dryer sheets, plastic containers, and packaging. A way we can cut down our disposal is using an alternative like wool balls and turning containers into pots.
  3. While I can't cut down my energy use due to Folding proteins for UIUC and being use a data server, my family however have installed solar panels.
  4. We use a lot of water to water the garden. Something we can reduce our water consumption is to install rain barrels to help supplement our garden when we water.
  5. Food waste is common in our household. Fruits and veggies gets moldy and tossed into the trash. Me and my dad plan to build a compost pile with scrap pallets when construction sites have no use for them and collect waste brown and greens from local coffee shops and groceries.

A punch list can be for an individual, family, community, company, or city.  It is the list of the actions you or a group will undertake and accomplish over a predetermined span of time—one month, one year, five years, or more. You can make different lists for different time periods—this week and this year for example.

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