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 |  By Sir Jonathon Porritt
Book Review

Regeneration Made Real

Regeneration is the fundamental principle underlying every cell, breath, person, gender, culture, forest, grassland, ocean, and creature. The words “regeneration” and “regenerative" are being used more frequently and commonly now, which is a good thing. And yet, the term is also being used casually as an adjective to sell a product or bring credit to a company. Here Jonathan Porritt comments on Regeneration, Ending the climate crisis in one generation, and why the book upholds, expresses and encompasses the core meaning and promise that regeneration holds for the world. - Paul Hawken

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
07 Jun
to Pacific PT

Join Paul at the BlueTech Forum in Vancouver

“I am delighted to share ideas from my latest book, Regeneration, with the water community at BlueTech Forum. The theme for the event, Radical Collaboration for Regeneration, aligns with the idea that we can solve global environmental challenges in our lifetime. We understand the problems. The event is focused on solutions and unites people who are making it happen.” - Paul Hawken

Join us for inspiration and interaction! Since 2010, BlueTech Forum has brought together the brightest minds in the global water sector to find solutions to the water crisis. Uniquely, this event attracts senior leaders of industrial water users, utilities, municipalities, technology providers and academic institutions. Who are all focused on accelerating the drive towards water sustainability and net-zero carbon emissions. BlueTech Forum gives you the opportunity to engage closely with influential peers, who are working towards environmental regeneration and sharing their valuable knowledge. The event is all about fostering radical collaborations. Come join us!
Treehugger  | 

What Is Regenerative Agriculture?

by David M. Kuchta
Daily Commercial News  | 

Green building delegates urged to embrace ‘regeneration’ movement

by Don Wall