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Regeneration means putting life at the center of every action and decision.

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Cascade of Solutions

Explore regenerative solutions and see how they are all connected.

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Six priorities: Equity. Reduce. Protect. Sequester. Influence. Support.

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Make a Punch List

A punch list is a personal, group, or institutional checklist of actions that you can, want to, and will do.

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Estimate the current carbon impact of your family, company, or building.

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Climate Action Systems

Form pods to work on problems, make commitments, and share ideas.


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Milica Koscica Headshot
Milica Koscica
Nexus Research Team

Milica Koscica is a committed advocate for environmental and social justice issues with many years of development experience in the nonprofit sector. She has worked to support the missions of a global environmental and conservation organization, a national civil and human rights advocacy coalition, and an international peace and development organization working in Vietnam. Milica holds a bachelor’s degree in International Studies from American University and a Master’s of Public Administration from Columbia University. She is originally from Serbia, but has lived and worked in Washington DC, New York City, Seattle, and is now very excited to call Portland, OR, her home!